About Wayne

I was born with blacksmithing in my blood, unfortunately it took me nearly 30 years to realise it…

My grandad was a blacksmith in the navy but unfortunately I never got to meet him as he went down with his ship in WWII. I was bought up camping and hunting from a very young age and the regular usage of knives and axes developed a keen interest in sharp objects. In fact I made my first knife at high school from an old file, using only hand tools and a LOT of elbow grease!

After leaving school and working a few different jobs I decided to get out and see a bit of Australia, alternatively travelling and working, experiencing life and this beautiful country. It was while travelling through the mid north coast of NSW that I first discovered the Artist Blacksmith Assoc of NSW and decided to stop and give blacksmithing a go. I was immediately hooked! It remained a hobby for more than two years and my skills at the forge steadily improved. In fact I could never seem to find enough time to spend at the anvil.

At this time “Timbertown”, a local heritage theme park, was looking for a blacksmith to cater to the tourist trade and I jumped at the chance – though it was a bit scary setting up my own business for the first time, especially doing demonstrations for the public. That was back in 2003 and while my time at Timbertown really brought my speed and technique along in leaps and bounds, I wanted to push my skills past doing just “tourist knick-knacks” and develop my own style.

Recognised qualifications are increasingly important in todays society & I’m now proud to say I’ve completed the full Blacksmith’s trade course as well as being a full member of the Australian Knifemakers Guild as well.

One aspect I really love about this trade is the almost endless variety of work that’s possible and it’s always challenging me and driving me forward. It definitely keeps you thinking and I can’t ever see it getting boring! I’m keen to continue growing my knowledge and helping other people learn this fascinating trade. I hope you enjoy seeing my work featured on this site and maybe I’ll even get to create something special just for you!

Cheers, Wayne