Blacksmithing Course

Review for Courses

I have just completed a two-day blacksmithing course with Wayne Saunders, and on reflection, it was a great experience. As well as being a top bloke to know and work with, Wayne is that rare combination of a true craftsman who is also a competent teacher. He mostly uses a ‘demonstrate direct monitor’ style of instruction that involves you first watching what has to be done before trying it out yourself. All the time you are working Wayne keeps you focused on developing the best stance, hammer strokes, sequences and so on. This really helped me to unlearn some bad habits developed elsewhere. His professional knowledge is just profound and the jobs we decided on allowed me to practice a range of skills. In two days I learned more than in a couple of years of reading books and hammering iron in my workshop at home and seeing how he has his shop laid out and how all the items there operate as a system was really valuable as well. This course was a great investment and I can sincerely recommend it to anyone that wants to really learn about blacksmithing. Paul Burnham